Want To Get Started Lifting Weights? Here Are 3 Reasons To Hire A Private Workout Coach

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Lifting weights is a fun activity that also has a number of health benefits. It helps prevent injury by shifting the weight of heavy objects you're carrying off of your bones and connective tissue. Muscle also burns more calories than fat does, so increasing the size of your muscles can help you lose weight and keep it off. However, it can be difficult to know where to start if you haven't lifted weights before. Thankfully, a private workout coach can provide you with the support you need. Read on to learn three reasons why it's a good idea to hire a private workout coach if you want to get started lifting weights.

1. Makes Sure You're Using Proper Lifting Form

When you're lifting weights, the most important thing you need to do is to keep proper form throughout the entire weightlifting movement you're performing. The weight needs to be supported entirely by your muscles, and the correct form will accomplish this. Improper form causes some of the weight to be borne by your bones and connective tissue, and they're not able to support all that extra weight.

Performing squats with your back rounded, for example, causes some of the weight to be borne by your spine. You may eventually end up with a herniated disc due to all the excess weight placed on your spine. Hiring a private workout coach greatly reduces the chance of injury happening since they will watch your form throughout the entire movement and correct it if necessary.

2. Customizes Your Lifting Routine to Correct Muscle Imbalance

It's common for people to develop muscle imbalances, especially if they've been sedentary. If you commonly use your right hand to pick up and carry heavy items, for example, then the biceps in your right arm will become stronger than the ones in your left. The biceps in your left arm haven't been worked out as much, so they remain weaker.

Muscle imbalances can lead to problems with more complex lifts. For example, your biceps act to stabilize the bar during a bench press. If your biceps on one side are much weaker, this can limit the weight that you can lift — even if all the other muscles contribute to the movement like your chest muscles.

An experienced private workout coach can prevent muscle imbalances from becoming a problem as you become a more experienced weightlifter. They'll be able to create a custom workout routine that targets the muscles that need extra work, ensuring that you're working out your entire body evenly every time that you lift weights.

3. Keeps You Motivated to Continue Working Out

Finally, a private workout coach keeps you accountable, which helps you stick with your program. If you've had trouble sticking to a gym routine before, then a private workout coach can be a great asset — they'll make sure that you're sticking to your eating plan and showing up at every workout. When you first start lifting weights, this is especially helpful after the first few months. Strength gains start to slow down during this period of time, which may dissuade you from continuing. A private workout coach can help keep you on track by making sure that you're sticking with your customized lifting plan.

If you're thinking about lifting weights and not sure where to start, contact a private workout coach in your area and ask if they're taking new clients. Make sure that they have experience with weightlifting and that they're comfortable training people who are entirely new to it — they'll be able to show you the correct form for all the moves and create a weightlifting plan that's tailored to your fitness level.