Advice When Displaying Vintage Concert Posters

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Vintage concert posters are very unique and may have a lot of significance to you. If you have some posters, such as vintage Family Dog concert posters, in your collection and you're hoping to properly display them, use these tips to avoid issues.

Assess the Material First

Vintage concert posters can feature all kinds of materials. Some may have been put on standard paper while others may feature older fabrics. You want to review the materials that your vintage concert posters are made of because that's going to determine what display measures you take.

For instance, if you have vintage concert posters that are very fragile, you have to be very careful about moving them and placing them in things like display frames. Whereas if you have materials that are more durable, you can be a little less delicate when manipulating the vintage concert posters to get them ready for display.

Consider Magnetic Hangers for Wall Displaying

If you are looking to display vintage concert posters outside of frames or cases, then one of the best methods you can use is relying on a magnetic hanging system. It will save you from putting holes in the posters and damaging them.

Instead, you will set up one end of the magnet system on the wall and then place the corresponding magnets on each corner of the poster. The magnets will keep the poster in place and you can even avoid putting holes through the wall. This hanging system is very easy to use when placing these posters on different surfaces.

Consider Restoration if Damaged

If you have some vintage concert posters that are damaged, but you still want to display them in your home, then you might need to have them professionally restored. There are a lot of amazing professionals that can carry out these repairs without causing more damage to the posters.

Whether it's rips or missing sections, restoration experts can get your vintage concert posters back to looking great again. Just prepare for the restoration time length because it might be a while before you get the posters back, especially if the restoration company has other clients to get to first.

You'll find a lot of great vintage concert posters today. If you have some or just purchased them, you can display them in incredible ways. Just make sure you're careful about this process because you don't want to do something that's going to cause them to damage.