Things to Consider When Selecting a Roll-Off Container for Your Situation

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When working on a project that requires removing a lot of trash or debris, renting roll-off containers is often a good solution. There are some things to consider when picking a roll-off container for your job, but the process is not overly complicated. Read on to learn more. 

Determine the Size

One of the first things you need to consider when you are contemplating roll-off containers for your project is the amount of material you need to put in it. The container needs to be large enough to hold the material, but it also needs to fit in the available space.

If you rent a large roll-off container to hold everything, but it can not fit in the space allotted, you may have to send it back and get a smaller container delivered. The company that rents the roll-off containers may charge you a fee for the delivery and return, so getting the right container the first time is critical. 

Measure the space for the container and let the rental company know how much room you have. They will suggest a container based on the space available and then deliver it to the property for you. Keep in mind; limited space can sometimes make it hard to get the truck in to deliver the container as well. It is a good idea to verify you have room for the truck to get to the spot where you want to put the container before they arrive. 

Often these roll-off containers are extremely heavy when they are full, so it is essential that the truck is not going to be driving over grass and other soft materials will a full container. 

Material Type

It is crucial that you talk with the rental company about the material you can put in their roll-off containers. Some companies restrict the material to one type, so it is easier for them to unload, and other companies allow mixed materials if they are specific types of materials. 

Often roofing materials can not go in the same roll-off containers that are used for trash. The roofing material is disposed of differently than paper and wood or general waste, so mixing them in the container can make it difficult for the driver to unload the container when they arrive at the landfill or transfer station.

In some cases, a rental company that supplies roll-off containers will charge a fee for mixed loads, and the charge can be significant. Make sure you understand the limitations of the materials that can go in a container. If you need several roll-off containers for different materials, request them from the rental company.