The Purposes Of Using Seed To Sale Tracking Programs In Your Business

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The legalization of marijuana in many states has created a booming market for it. However, growers cannot simply harvest and sell their marijuana crops. They are required to take and report careful notes about where every plant that they grow is sold and for what purposes it is used. 

When you plan on joining the growing marijuana industry, you will be required to use seed to sale tracking technology in your business. These purposes stand behind the use of seed to sale tracking software today.

Labeling Plants

The seed to sale tracking software that you are required to use in your business will serve to label each plant that you grow. From the time that you plant its seed to the time that you harvest and sell it, you will be required by law to assign that plant an identification number. This number must be input into the seed to sale tracking program that you use.

In turn, you must make available the records that your seed to sale tracking software creates for your business to the federal and state government. Government regulators must be informed about key facts like what kinds of plants you grow as well as how many. They also must be aware of when you harvest those plants and for what purposes that you intend to sell them.

Tracing Plants

Because the seed to sale tracking software assigns each of your plants an identification number, it makes it easy to trace for what purpose that your plants are grown and sold. Government regulators can find out where your plants go and even to whom they are sold.

The seed to sale traceability is critical for your business to avoid expensive fines or possible shutdowns for selling marijuana for uses that the state and federal government do not allow. You can prove that you harvested and sold plants for making into medical marijuana products like oil and vape juice. You can also show that you sold your plants for hemp production and did not engage in illicit drug dealing.

These purposes are some for which seed to sale tracking programs are used in the marijuana industry today. Seed to sale tracking software assigns each marijuana plant grown an identification number. It keeps track of the plant's lifespan and sale, to whom the plants were sold, and for what purpose the buyers used them. Contact a software company to learn more about seed to sale tracking.