Benefits of Choosing a Sex Toy That Has a Vibrating Function

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Countless people enjoy using dildos and other sex toys that they operate manually, but you might wish to explore one that has a powered vibrating function. Equipped with batteries and powered by remote control, a sex toy such as an anal power flex vibe can add a lot of fun and excitement to your relationship with your partner or yourself. If you haven't previously experienced a sex toy that has a vibrating function, you'll appreciate the ways that this feature can spice up your life. Here are some benefits of choosing a toy that vibrates.

Hands-Free Operation

A manually operated sex toy offers plenty of fun and stimulation, but it will always occupy at least one of your hands. It's necessary to move the toy manually during use, and this limits your ability to use both of your hands in other ways. A big perk of using a sex toy with a vibrating function is that you can enjoy it in a hands-free manner. You can simply set the desired intensity level with the remote control, put the remote control aside, and appreciate that your hands are free to use however you wish.

Intense Pleasure

There's little doubt that a sex toy that has a vibrating function can offer an intense level of pleasure that is difficult to achieve with a manual sex toy. Upon buying this type of toy and experimenting with its various settings, you'll likely be impressed with how it vibrates. For example, when you set it to vibrate at a rapid speed, it will move in a manner that would be virtually impossible to mimic manually. The result can be a heightened degree of pleasure that you simply can't get with a manual sex toy.

Opportunities for Surprise

A vibrating sex toy typically has a wide range of settings, from gentle to intense, and you can engage each of these settings with a click of your remote control. This feature provides some opportunities for surprise, whether you're using the toy by yourself or with a partner. For example, if your partner has the toy, you might have fun controlling the intensity. Conversely, you can use the toy yourself and press a few buttons on the remote control at random to cause the toy to vibrate in an unexpected manner. Shop for an Adam and Eve anal power flex vibe toy online or at your favorite local adult store.