4 Indications Of An Ineffective Web Design

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More than anything, a website is a business tool that should advertise and promote a brand, and ultimately, help boost sales. If your website is not helping you with this goal, then it's not effective. However, it's not enough to just know your website isn't cutting it. You need to get down to the bottom and figure out why.

1. Too Slow

One thing most people don't have a lot of is time. So naturally, they aren't going to waste too many of their precious moments trying to navigate a website that seems to be moving at a turtle's pace. If the pages on your site load very slow, your website fall into this category. This issue is often linked to the host's server problem, and sometimes it's the result of incorrectly embedded videos or images that load onto the page. 

2. 404 Errors

A 404-page error is virtually the same as being told, no. Whether it's an error message on the about services or the contact us page, the error doesn't give the client what they need. The error should be corrected as soon as possible. Sometimes this e inevitable, but in this instance, you need to provide a link that will reroute the user to some other useful information, not just create a dead end. 

3. Not Mobile-Ready

For many users, smartphones have reduced their need for and dependence on traditional computers and laptops. If your website is not optimized for mobile use, it's not functional or effective. A website that has not scaled its content for mobile viewing, including menu functions, copy, and images, falls into the unfit category. In this day and age, every website should be mobile-friendly, as users need to access the information from everywhere.

4. Unclear Paths

Using your website should not be like reading a treasure map; it should be clear. For example, it would be more appropriate for the contact information for a company to be found under the about us link or under a standalone contact option. A user would not likely expect to find this information under a news or promotions link. This type of design creates unclear paths that make it painful to use a website, which will drive customers away. 

If your website is not effectively helping you reach your goals, it's time for a change. Partner with a web design firm like Alice Wonder Marketing that can help you transform your website for greater gains.