Why The Priming Process Is An Important Part Of Transmission Tower Painting

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If you are planning on hiring a transmission tower painting company to help you with painting a transmission tower, then you will probably find that the company will want to apply primer prior to painting the tower. You could be wondering if this step is truly necessary, and you could be wondering if you can save time and money by opting to simply have the transmission tower painted without the addition of primer. Although it is certainly possible to have your transmission tower painted without having primer applied first, this probably is not something that you will want to consider. These are a few reasons why.

Provide Better Protection for the Transmission Tower

The number one reason why you are probably thinking about having your transmission tower painted in the first place is so that you can protect it from the elements. Of course, adding paint alone is one good way to help with this. However, if you would like to provide even more protection than paint alone can provide, you should make sure that your transmission tower painting crew applies a good primer first. This adds yet another barrier of protection that will help you keep your transmission tower in good condition in the long run, including against wind, rain, hail, snow, and ice.

Ensure the Paint Job Looks Good

Of course, you will probably want to make sure that the transmission tower painting job looks good when the project is completed. One way that you can help ensure that this is the case is by having the transmission tower primed before it is painted. This will help the painting crew apply the paint more evenly, and it will help you ensure that the paint has a nice, clean finish once it has dried. Of course, for optimal results, you should also make sure that your painting crew uses a good, heavy-duty exterior paint and that multiple coats of paint are applied, if needed.

As you can see, if you own a transmission tower and are planning on having it painted sometime soon, then you should ask about having it primed first. Luckily, professionals who specialize in transmission tower painting and who do it on a regular basis should know about what type of primer to use and how to apply that primer. Then, you will be able to enjoy the benefits above and more after your transmission tower has been painted.