Drip Hydration Therapy By IV Could Help You Rebound From Dehydration Quicker

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When you're dehydrated, you can feel exhausted and generally unwell. Dehydration can be caused by an illness, an intense workout, cold weather, not drinking enough fluids, vomiting, and even drinking too much alcohol. Instead of suffering from the effects of dehydration, you can take a drip hydration therapy and rebound much quicker. This could be important when you need to work after a night of heavy drinking or when you want to rehydrate after an illness or marathon. Here's how it works.

You Can Have Home Treatments Where Available

Depending on what's offered in your area, you might find a drip IV hydration service that makes house calls. This is helpful if you're trying to recover quickly from an illness so you can get back to work. However, if you can't have an IV at home, you can go to a walk-in clinic or IV spa that provides the service and get a treatment any time you want. You might even find a service that comes to your hotel for an IV to help you recover from jet lag.

The Procedure Is Easy To Undergo

If you're like a lot of people, you're not thrilled at the idea of being stuck with a needle. If you've never had an IV before, you may think the pain lasts the entire time the needle is in your arm. However, the only time you feel a pinch is when the needle is inserted and withdrawn. While you're receiving the drip fluid, you won't have discomfort so you can relax during the procedure, which should be completed in under an hour depending on the treatments you choose.

Vitamins Can Be Added To The IV

In addition to receiving fluid to rehydrate your body, you can also receive vitamins and other supplements through the IV to give you more energy or to boost your immune system. The nurse or other health professional administering the IV will consider your symptoms and then suggest the best additives for your condition. The benefit of taking supplements by IV is that they go directly to your bloodstream, so you don't lose any of the dose in your digestive tract.

You Won't Need Insurance Approval

Hydration drip IV treatments are usually not covered by insurance when they are taken in a spa or from a home service, so you don't have to worry about getting their approval. You pay out of pocket so you're free to get an IV when you choose. You won't need an order from your family doctor, but you may want to discuss how you're using the therapy just to make sure it doesn't interfere with your other treatments.

A medical professional at the service you choose will help you determine if IV hydration therapy is right for you and the right type to take since you'll have a range of supplements you can add to the drip.