Storing These Three Things? You Could Benefit From Climate Controlled Storage

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Are you preparing to rent a storage unit to offload some extra things that you've run out of room for/ If so, you've likely been debating between a regular storage unit or one with climate control? If you're storing the following three things, it may be worth it to upgrade to a unit that has climate controls so that you can control the temperature and humidity. 

Leather Furniture

Have an old leather couch that you are putting into storage, but it is still in great condition? The key to keeping it looking the same when it eventually comes out of storage is to use climate controls. While there are recommendations to apply a leather conditioner to the material regularly in a normal storage unit, you need to be honest about how often you are going to do this with the item in storage. Some harsh temperatures can cause the leather to dry out and crack, which will ruin that couch you were holding onto.

Paper Items

Anything made out of paper is more likely to be ruined if it is placed in a normal storage unit for many years. The humidity is really going to take a toll on the paper, with it drying out and becoming brittle in some situations. If you are storing important documents on clients for your business, those documents may be ruined by the heat and humidity in the summer. If you're storing family photos that are stacked in a box, the photos may start sticking to each other and having ink transfer to the bank of the photo on top of it. This can be completely avoided by using climate controls. 


Humidity can also cause electronic items to become damaged. Think of all the moisture that can collect on the surface of an item, and how that moisture can get into the electronic components of your device. Since these devices are not sealed due to the necessary ventilation, moisture will seep into the devices and cause metal components to corrode. You can try to offset this problem by using silica gel packets, but they can only absorb so much moisture before they become useless. If you're not likely to swap out the silica gel, you will end up with only delaying the process of ruining your electronic devices in storage.

Contract a storage facility to learn more about the benefits of getting a climate-controlled storage unit.