3 Traits Successful Transcribers Have

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A transcriber is someone who listens to recordings, and then takes those recordings, and creates a transcript from those recording. Being a transcriber is a different skill set than being a stenographer, where you are recording what people are saying in real time. There are a few traits that all good transcribers have.

Trait #1: Listen With Your Full Attention

In order to be a good transcriber, you have to listen with your full attention. You need to listen to each audio file like you are listening to your best friend give you the most important news of their life. You need to be able to give each recording your full attention. It helps to give each recording your full attention if you imagine the person sitting in front of you as you are listening to them. The topics that you transcribe may not personally interested you that much, but you need to treat each recording like it is really interesting.

Trait #2: Know When to Move On

Sometimes, there are going to be sections of audio that you just don't understand. If you have listened to a part of audio a few times, and you are not making any progress with it, just move on for a little bit and keep working. Later, after you have done more work on the recording, come back to that section and listen to it again. Oftentimes, you just need to get more familiar with the voice on the recording, or just get more familiar with the types of words they are using in order to be able to tell what they are saying and properly transcribe it.

Trait #3: Know How to Take Breaks

With transcribing, you really have to get into the audio. When you take a break and come back to the recording, don't start off right where you left off. Instead, go back in the recording about thirty seconds, and listen to what they are saying as you check their words against your transcript. This will allow you time to double check your work and will help your brain adjust to the speakers voice again before you start transcribing from where you left off.

If you want to be a successful transcriber, you need to pay attention to each recording like you are listening to something that is important and that you care about. When you get stuck, move on and come back to that audio a little later. When you take a break, to get back into rhythm, listen to a small section of audio you already transcribed so you can get into the speaker's voice and the tone of the recording before you get started.

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