Helping The Environment One Stitch At A Time

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If you are concerned about the amount of plastic that floats around the ocean, you are not alone. Roughly 8 million metric tons of plastic end up in the ocean each year, a staggering amount that affects wildlife and endangers our environment. While there are some companies that recover plastic in the oceans, figuring out what to do with the plastic takes some creativity. Marine and coastal recovered plastic continuous filament yarn has been developed as a solution for plastic waste floating in the ocean. Spun with bamboo, wood, cotton, and other fibers, there is a range of applications for marine recovered ocean plastic continuous filament yarn. It's a strong fiber, and versatile for clothing, boat covers, and outdoor awnings.

Harvested Plastic Is Recycled

Plastic that reaches the ocean is going to take about 450 years to decompose completely. This means that the oceans of the earth are filling up with plastic at an alarming rate that is going to be difficult to reverse without some major problem-solving. When you work with marine recovered plastic fibers, you are doing your part to help deal with the plastic waste that is causing harm to marine animals throughout the world. 

Fibers are Versatile

You can purchase marine recovered ocean plastic continuous filament yarn combined with a variety of other materials depending on your needs. The yarn can be customized, and it is soft to use in clothing and bedding. You can purchase recovered plastic filament yarn that is strong, stretchy, or spun with natural or synthetic fibers. When you want versatility in the yarns that you use, you can find what you need with recovered plastic filament yarn.

Be Good to the Environment

Plastic waste is going to be around for centuries. When any plastic can be recycled and used in a different way, this helps the environment and helps you have a more sustainable business. If you looking for ways to make your business more environmentally friendly, you can do so by using recycled materials in the items you create. Your customers will appreciate your care for the environment and may become fans of your brand because of your stance on the environment.

Whether you make clothing, curtains, awnings, and more, you can do so using plastic that has been recovered from the ocean. Spun with a variety of other elements, you can find a yarn that is perfect for your needs.