How To Create A Killer Resume For Kitchen And Bath Industry Recruiters

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Resumes are hard to create, hard to update, and hard to send. If you want to move up in the kitchen and bath industry, however, you need to polish yours up. Whether you are on the hunt for a new position or a headhunter approached you, your resume needs to be top-notch. 

Sell Yourself

While recruiters are generally out there looking for candidates to fill positions in the kitchen and bath industry, you still have to sell yourself. Your resume and cover letter are not the places to be shy, modest, or self-deprecating. You really need to play up all your knowledge of the kitchen and bath industry, in your previous work experience, industry training, and college background. 

If it is difficult for you, ask trusted friends or family members to give you one adjective that best describe you and your work ethic. 


Not everyone is a good writer. It's OK. After using spell-check, print a hard copy and re-read your resume and cover letter aloud. Sometimes it is easier to see a mistake when it is on paper instead of a computer screen. It is also easier to 'see' a mistake when you have to say the words out loud instead of reading them silently in your head.

Spelling errors, typos, and poor grammar are all unacceptable when submitting a cover letter and resume. It has to be perfect or they will assume you don't count detail-oriented as one of your talents. 

Quantify Accomplishments

This goes without saying, but you need to quantify your accomplishments. Don't just say you led a team. State that you were hand-picked to lead a sales team of 10 during four, consecutive trips to the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show

Get Social

Update your LinkedIn profile to reflect all the accomplishments, titles, and positions that you mention in your cover letter and resume. Likewise, if you have other social media accounts that are public, edit the content or make things private that you wouldn't want a potential new boss to know. 

Use Keywords

You probably know that your resume is pre-screened by a computer algorithm before it even reaches a kitchen an

d bath industry recruiter. Do you, however, understand what this means and how you should adjust your resume accordingly?

A successful strategy is to repeat the keywords used in the advertisement within the body of your cover letter as well as in your resume. In other words, if they say they are looking for a "go-getter" with a "positive attitude" who can "work under pressure" make sure you sneak those exact same keywords into your resume. Feel free to be obnoxious (albeit, still truthful) about it and use as many as you can possibly fit. 

Kitchen and bath industry recruiters are looking for a well-written resume that sells. Give them what they want.