Considering A Sprinkler System For Your New Home

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If you are building a new home, adding some modern amenities to the house is pretty standard, but something you might not have considered is adding a residential fire sprinkler system to your home. In new construction, adding the proper plumbing is relatively simple and can add some fire protection to the house. 

Installing a Sprinkler System

The first thing you need to consider is where the sprinklers need to go into your home. Hiring a fire sprinkler company to come and lay out the system is a great way to go. The sprinkler company can add all the proper equipment and plumbing for the entire system into the home while the framing is still open. 

Once the sheetrock or panel goes on the walls and ceiling, accessing the space inside to install the plumbing is extremely difficult. A plumber can install the plumbing for the sprinklers if the sprinkler company provides the specs and plans for the plumber to work with. Still, most of the time, the sprinkler company will provide all the labor to install the system, so they know everything is done to their standards. 

Installation Locations

When the sprinkler company is installing the fire sprinkler system in the home, it is essential that they know what each room is going to be used for. The kitchen is one room that is a priority for sprinklers because of the additional risk of a fire starting there. Other areas of the home may also have elevated risk, but the percentage of fires the start in the kitchen is much higher than any other part of the house. 

Sprinklers are also beneficial in areas near the furnace or water heater, the garage, and the hallways so that if a fire breaks out, escaping the home from a hall is possible. Your sprinkler system installer can go over all the areas that are recommended for your home when they look over the job and estimate the job for you. 

Cost of a New Sprinkler System

The cost of the sprinkler system is going to vary significantly by the size of the home and the number of sprinkler heads and supply lines that are run in the house. The cost of installing the system is often offset by the saving in insurance coverage for the home, so talk to your insurance carrier to determine the discount you can get for installing and maintaining a sprinkler system in your new home. In some cases, the savings are substantial, but again, this is going to vary by home size and by the insurance company.