How To Consolidate Small Boxes For More Efficient Shipping

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Shipping small boxes can be difficult when you are trying to move them in bulk to a warehouse or distributor. Finding a way to consolidate the shipment to one larger container or flat is often the best solution, and there ways to do that efficiently. 

Palletizing Shipments

One of the most effective ways to consolidate a shipment of small boxes is by putting them on a pallet and then shipping the pallet as one item. While that can help keep the boxes altogether, you may want to consider adding Gaylord boxes to the pallets first. 

Gaylord boxes are large cardboard boxes designed to be placed on a pallet and then loaded with the smaller items. The box is then closed and sealed so that the smaller boxes inside are secure. The Gaylord boxes can be attracted to the pallet with staples through the bottom and then strapped down after it is filled to ensure the box does not move. 

You can find these boxes with tops that slide on after the box is full or with more traditional flaps that can be closed and then sealed before the package is shipped out. 

If you have enough product going out to fill several Gaylord boxes, you can stack the boxes, with the first going on the pallet and the second on top of the first. If you are going to ship these boxes stacked, wrapping the pallet and boxes with clear plastic pallet wrap from top to bottom will secure the stack for shipping. 

Box Sizes

When you are considering using a system like the Gaylord boxes, you can select different size boxes for your shipment. The boxes are designed to sit on a pallet, but there are different depths that you can choose to fit your needs better. 

If you select a box size that allows you to fit your smaller boxes inside tightly, the load will be far more stable, and you will not need to fill the space inside the box with paper or other fillers before shipping. If you can't find the correct size box, talk to the box manufacturer about getting custom-sized Gaylord boxes for your business. 

If you are going to be shipping a lot of freight in these boxes, you might even want to discuss the option of custom boxes printed with the company logo on them and other information like the contents and number of units inside the box. If you are already having custom size boxes made, adding the printing to the boxes should not add much additional cost and can add a professional touch to the freight. 

For more information on Gaylord boxes, contact a shipping company.