Why You Should Go With Acrylic For Your Corporate Awards

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Are you looking to hand out awards to your company's employees in the near future? Maybe it's the end of the quarter or the fiscal year and you want to reward certain people for excellent performance. If you are going to hold an actual awards ceremony, you will obviously need physical awards to hand out. That then raises the question of what kind of physical awards or statues should be created. While there are multiple options out there, here's why you might want to choose acrylic corporate awards, from a company like Trophy Outlet, for your upcoming ceremony.

Acrylic Is More Durable Than Glass or Crystal

Physical awards of the corporate variety usually come in glass, crystal, or acrylic. The winning employee will receive a small statue that maybe has their accomplishment inscribed on the material. While glass and crystal have their benefits, you won't find anything more durable than acrylic. Acrylic awards will stand up to more abuse and can even be dropped without the award smashing to pieces. If this award will be placed on an employee's desk or mantle, you don't want them to have to worry about it accidentally going for a swan dive. Stick with acrylic, and they can focus on their accomplishment and not the fragility of the award.

Acrylic Is More Bendable Than Glass or Crystal

If you are trying to create some kind of unique shape for the award, acrylic is again probably the way to go. Glass and even crystal can technically be bent up to a point, but it can become quite expensive to do so, and the fancy design might make the glass or crystal even more fragile. With acrylic, you can go a little crazy with the design if you want without having to worry so much about the consequences. Maybe you want the award to be in the shape of your company logo? With acrylic, there aren't that many limitations from a design standpoint.

Acrylic Will Keep Your Awards Banquet Under Budget

Just about every company has a budget that needs to be strictly followed. If you are having an event to celebrate a year of record profits, why would you want to needlessly spend the company's money on some extra fancy awards when you don't have to? Go with acrylic instead of crystal, and the total cost of your event will stay down where it belongs. You'll also be able to keep those record profits in the bank for when you actually need them.

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